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Calculate your Core Space

Core space is custom designed, private, lockable office space reserved for your team. Use the calculator to gauge how many seats you want permanently reserved for your private use.

Private Offices

Private Offices

1 Desk | 150 Sq. Ft.

Work Stations

1 Desk | 90 Sq. Ft.

Meeting Rooms

6 Person | 150 Sq. Ft.
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Calculate your Flex Space

Some team members will work hybrid or remote. Why pay full price like they are full time? Get awesome discounts based on how little they come in. This is Stak’s version of “Load-Balancing” the cost of space.

Hybrid/remote employees

Daily Occupancy Percentage

Daily Occupancy


Cost per member



Occupany percent

Monthly Cost per Member

Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3



Tier 4



Tier 5



Tier 6



What Stak can do for your team of 267 employees

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Traditional Office

Based on estimated average for office space in the Bay Area.

Source: JLL Survey

Total accessible space



Monthly office space cost


Per Sq. Ft.

Cost per employee


Per month
(225 sq. ft. per employee)

Total cost


Per month

Stak Work

Based on your core space needs, here’s what we offer.

Total accessible space



Monthly office space cost


Per Sq. Ft.

Cost per employee


Per month

Total cost


Per month

Stak could save you


per month.

Monthly office space savings


Per sq. ft.

Savings per employee


Per month

What’s Included

Elevate your team’s work experience with private offices and dedicated areas that prioritize confidentiality and create an exclusive environment for your teams.

Personalize and tailor your office spaces to align with your unique brand, design elements, and desired layout. Create an ideal environment that reflects your work culture and fosters productivity.

Impress clients and host important gatherings with our well-equipped meeting rooms and conference facilities. Benefit from enterprise-level audiovisual equipment, video conferencing capabilities, and flexible seating arrangements, allowing you to conduct successful meetings and presentations.

Our dedicated on-site staff is here to provide comprehensive support. From administrative assistance to technical support, reception services to efficient facilities management, our team is ready to assist you.

We understand that security and confidentiality are paramount for large corporations. Our co-working space is equipped with robust security systems, controlled access to office areas, and private spaces featuring soundproofing features to address your concerns effectively.

Elevate your workplace experience with additional customized amenities tailored to your needs. Enjoy private dining areas, executive lounges, dedicated parking spaces, gym or fitness facilities, and wellness programs, creating a comprehensive and enjoyable environment for your employees.

Experience best-in-class technology with a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. Our Gig-Speed internet connectivity, featuring a dedicated 10-gig circuit, ensures seamless online operations. Secure data storage and enterprise-level audiovisual equipment are at your fingertips for presentations and meetings.

Expand your professional network and foster growth within our co-working space. Take advantage of networking events, industry-specific workshops, educational seminars, and professional development programs. Engage in knowledge sharing, enhance your skills, and forge valuable connections with fellow professionals.

Stay connected with our dedicated 10-gig circuit, ensuring blazing-fast internet speeds for seamless online operations.

Delegate access effortlessly using our user-friendly app, granting entry permissions to your team members and guests, providing convenience and enhanced security.

Make a lasting impression with our executive-style board rooms, available on the dedicated office floor and in the awe-inspiring 39th-floor sky lounge. These sophisticated spaces are ideal for critical meetings with clients and partners.

Host gatherings with ease in our spacious meeting rooms designed for 12-24 people, providing the perfect setting for collaborative discussions and presentations.

Conduct focused discussions and brainstorming sessions in our intimate meeting rooms accommodating 2-11 people, fostering productive exchanges in a comfortable environment.

Fuel creativity and collaboration in our thoughtfully designed suites, equipped with whiteboards and accommodating groups of 2-30 people, allowing for dynamic brainstorming sessions and idea sharing.

Foster a conducive learning environment in our dedicated training and classroom spaces that accommodate 2-30 people. These versatile spaces are ideal for workshops, seminars, and educational programs.

Connect with colleagues and clients seamlessly using our fully equipped videoconference suites, facilitating virtual meetings with ease and enhancing remote collaboration.

For creative endeavors, our specialized studio and creator suites provide the perfect environment, equipped with the necessary tools and resources to unleash your artistic vision.

Find solace and rejuvenation in our wellness rooms, offering a quiet retreat where you can relax, meditate, or engage in personal well-being practices.

Maintain an active lifestyle with our expansive fitness center, featuring the state-of-the-art Movestrong functional fitness training facility, providing ample space and equipment for your exercise routine.

Enjoy the convenience of our automated valet garage, ensuring efficient parking solutions to save you time and streamline your daily routine.

Embrace sustainable transportation options with access to our private electric vehicle fleet, promoting eco-friendly commuting for you and your team.

Our dedicated front desk concierge is ready to assist you, providing exceptional service and managing virtual office needs to support your operations.

Immerse yourself in wellness and sunshine on our expansive outdoor deck. This versatile space is perfect for hosting all-hands meetings, networking events, and major gatherings, all while enjoying a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Experience breathtaking panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and the Berkeley hills from our 39th-floor penthouse lounge, a sophisticated setting for relaxation, networking, or hosting exclusive events.

Full Stak members save even more!

Full-Stak Members earn discounts on residences, car-share, amenities, services and more. Live. Work. Play. Go.

The average Full Stak employee saves


Per Month

How are savings calculated?

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