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Onsite Tesla Fleet Arriving in Downtown Oakland.

Stak can help you GO faster, cheaper and cleaner than ever before. Better than owning a car, better than every other car share. Add to your membership today.

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So much better than owning a car.
Remove the cost of parking, let us take care of the rest.

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Save over 70% compared to private car ownership.

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Choose among Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y to suit your needs.

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100% electric with zero emissions. Drive less, reduce traffic and more…

So much better than other car shares. We bring the car to you.

With 1900 Broadway’s Tesla fleet, book your car on the app and the car will be delivered to you via our Automated Valet Parking System. With other car share programs, you can roam the streets wasting valuable time only to be ghosted by your reservation.

Our Car Share Perks

1900 Broadway’s garage has an automated valet that will park and retrieve your car for you. All you need to do is park in the garage bay and confirm it’s ready to park – no driving up and down ramps, dodging concrete columns or weaving in and out of tight spaces.   

We make sure that EV vehicles are ready when you are. We charge and serve all the cars in our fleet for you directly onsite at 1900 Broadway. Since our garage is automated, even with 100 parking spots our 12 charging bays seamlessly rotate cars as needed – no need for you to plug in the car yourself.

All cars in our fleet are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure a seamless and enjoyable drive every time.

Easy Booking

Access 1900 Broadway’s onsite Tesla fleet in a
matter of minutes.

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Car Ownership vs Tesla Car Share

Car share estimates that we can save you up to 70% versus private car ownership. The cost of owning a high-quality car (i.e. Tesla) when living in an urban city can be extreme. Car payments, parking, insurance, maintenance and cleaning all can add up. After seeing all the money you save, you won’t ever want to own a car again.

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